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How to recruit international students online

How to recruit international students online

Channels that will help you recruit international students online. Social media, virtual events, content marketing and lead generation campaigns are an excellent way to recruit international students online.

The challenge of attracting the best students is no longer limited to the national territory. Institutions all over the world compete to attract the best student, who will become the professionals of the future. Having a multicultural student body makes the university more attractive and brings richness and open-mindedness to the classes. Nowadays, apart from the restrictions generated by the coronavirus pandemic and the high cost of travelling, universities have shifted their effort to recruiting international students online.

Channels to recruit international students online

In the last decade or so, student recruitment has evolved, and as universities compete to stand out, new ways of attracting students have been developed. The online environment offers a wide variety of ways to promote educational institutions and to convince students to make the best choice for them.
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Adapt your recruitment strategies to the online environment

Universities need to present themselves in a clear, instant and accessible manner. They have to make it easy for students to read about the school, ask for information and receive feedback, so the first step to a successful online international student recruitment strategy is creating an appealing website that is easy to navigate and with the information students looking to study abroad are searching for.

Social Media:

Including new technologies and strategies for young, digital-savvy audiences will make institutions stand out from the pack. Start with social media presence and campaigns that will help you connect with your target audience. Being creative, developing content and ads that are relevant to your target group will help you reach them. If you want to know how to recruit international students online, through social media, you need to create content that will be of interest to international students.

Showing what the campus life is like and what the city offers is an excellent way to grab their attention because studying abroad is an important decision that is not only based on the university but also the city.

Virtual events:

Virtual events are another interactive way to connect with your prospects. Taking your open days to the online environment is an excellent way to recruit international students online and help you target prospects from all over the world and showcase your university. With the virtual events you can present your university, connect with the students and answer all the questions they might have live. You will have a sense of their interest to be able to follow up on the students most interested to convince them your university is the right option for them.

Also, in many cases it is difficult for international students to decide where to study abroad, as they are not able to meet the staff, see the university and hear directly from the alumni about the experience in the school. With virtual events, you can clear these doubts and even include an international student in the presentation to give advice and indirectly promote your institution.


Writing blog posts about student life is also a good strategy to recruit international students online. Writing about life as an international alumnus, the best pizza restaurant close to the university, local events taking place, cultural activities that you cannot miss amongst others will help you position your university as a fun place to study and at the same time generate interest in those students looking for options. It’s important to always include call to actions and forms to be able to generate leads.

With social media, content marketing and the virtual events you can generate leads and start contacting students interested in your institution. The virtual events will help you get registrations and subscribers to your email marketing campaigns. You can also create lead generation campaigns in your social media channels to help you recruit international students online.


For the best-known universities such as Harvard, ESADE or Cambridge, the task of recruiting international students online is simple, their prestige gives them international visibility.

However, other institutions must make an effort and implement online recruitment strategies to be present on the global playing field and attract, select and train the best foreign students. It is time for you to start looking at ways to recruit international students online. The most straightforward way to do so is through student recruitment webinars. As you will be generating leads of interested students and at the same time offering them a platform to get to know the institution and the courses you offer.

To learn more about student recruitment webinars and strategies to recruit international students online contact us today.

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Will ISN provide the student data so that I can remain in contact with prospective students?

Absolutely. For both multi-webinar and solo-webinar, there is a 24-hour turnaround time for you to receive the complete and comprehensive student registration information and the list of students who attended the webinar. The information includes the students’ full name, email, home address, contact number, gender, age, intended level of study (undergrad/ post grad/ ESL), program they are interested in, and when they plan to enroll (Fall 2020/ Spring 2021).

How many institutions will be at the webinar?

For multi-webinar, there will be 5 presenters from 5 different institutions. Each presenter will have a 5 minute presentation (25 minutes in total for all presenters).The remaining time will be used for Q&A session.

For solo-webinaryour institution is the ONLY one presenting to prospective students. The first 30 minutes will be spent for your presentation and the remaining 30 minute is for Q&A session. You may choose the topic/s to be presented.

How many presenters will be at the webinar?

Multi-webinar will have 5 presenters from 5 different institutions. Each institution can have 1 presenter.

Solo-webinar can have a minimum of 1 presenter and a maximum of 4 presenters.

ISN recommends that all presenters have wired internet connection to ensure a stable connection. Please refer to Zoom’s system and bandwidth requirements HERE for more details.

What support does ISN provide during and after the webinar?

For both multi-webinar and solo-webinar, ISN will provide a dedicated host and technical support throughout the webinar. The host will introduce the presenters, create polls during the webinar, and read the questions asked by students out loud for the presenters.

How does ISN market these webinars?

For both multi-webinar and solo-webinar, ISN markets webinars through different digital marketing channels such as email marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, SEO, etc.

For multi-webinar, we target students who are interested in the specific webinar topic and we market the 5 institutions equally. For solo-webinar, we will focus on marketing your institution alone to ensure that all attendees are interested in your institution.

What is the accepted payment method?

ISN accepts payment through credit card. ISN will send a secure payment link and payment should be settled 24 hours upon submitting your registration.

What is the attendance rate?

For both multi-webinar and solo-webinar, the attendance is 10-15% of those registered, based from the past webinars.

Do students need to pay for the webinar?

No. The webinars are 100% free for students and parents who are interested in attending both multi-webinar and solo-webinar.

After the webinar, does ISN help follow up with the students?

ISN will provide the student database 24 hours after the webinar session. Please use your institutions’ CRM to follow up and send a message to these students right away; a thank you email is a good start in following up with these leads.

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