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Boosting your enrollments through webinars

Boosting your enrollments through webinars

Student recruitment webinars are affordable and easy to organize. They can help you reach thousands of international students without having to travel or attend educational fairs abroad, and may significantly impact enrollment for your next intake.  

As an admissions officer, you’ve probably been wondering if student recruitment webinars are a smart alternative for your institution and if they could be a safe bet in the challenging work of international student recruitment.

With the advancement of technologies, the education sector has evolved significantly in the past ten years. Recruiting students through webinars is one of these advances that have been welcomed with open arms by many renowned institutions around the world such as Harvard, Yale, Concordia University and the University of San Francisco. Many of these universities or business schools have been using webinars for some time. And they are doing it, because it works for them. Do not delay any longer! Now is the time for you to try a student recruitment webinar.

How can student recruitment webinars boost your enrollments?

The purpose of this article is to share with you how student recruitment webinars can boost your enrollments. We hope you’ll gain the confidence to put together your first webinar to recruit international students.

Student recruitment webinars aren’t only for large or world-renowned universities. Any university or business school can host a webinar, since they’re affordable and easy to organize. There are currently many small universities all over the world that rely on webinars as their main tool to recruit students. Below are some reasons why student recruitment webinars can boost your enrollment.

You can reach thousands of students without leaving your office

The first reason why student recruitment webinars can boost your enrollment is that they allow you to reach thousands of students without the need to travel or attend an in-person education fair. From your computer, remotely, you can present your institution and your educational programs to potential students from different parts of the world, saving the time and money that you would normally spend on traditional methods of recruiting international students.

Besides planning your webinar and its content, you must organize a marketing strategy that allows you to efficiently promote the webinar and motivate the students to sign up to watch it. You can include the information in marketing initiatives, invite students to your database, add a statement on your website, carry out campaigns aimed at students in different regions on social networks, and collaborate with affiliated marketing platforms or digital media to place banners for your event.

The most important step is to advertise your webinar on the same channels used by the students you are interested in. Make sure to share attractive information to catch their attention and direct them to your webinar. After that, the connection with you will encourage students to continue in the enrollment process.

If you don’t know where or how to start, you can also contact companies like ours to help you put together your first webinar. Click here for more information.

You can plan ahead and customize your presentation to showcase your university in the best possible way

Another great reason why student recruitment webinars can help you boost your enrollment is the fact that they allow you to plan your presentation ahead of time and do it in the best possible way. You can consider how you want to present your programs, use visual resources such as campus videos or tours, or even have the participation of an alumni, current student of an educational program, a career director or a professor. You can also prepare answers to possible questions that the participants may ask.

We highly recommend taking your time to prepare your webinar, so you can succeed in enrolling new students to your programs.

You can interact with potential students in real time and start building a relationship with them 

Student recruitment webinars are a great way to connect and start building a relationship with your potential new students. Take advantage of this new channel to establish contact and brand your institution in distant countries or regions. Being able to interact with potential students adds value to your institution, and students will more easily remember your university and see themselves as one of your students. Addressing them in a more personal manner, will create a connection that goes way beyond the cold statements they can read in a brochure.

Thanks to webinars, universities admit students from countries or regions they had never imagined to reach. Therefore, do not limit yourself to particular geographical areas. Communicating with international students from a number of different countries can open new doors for your institution and help you meet your enrollment goals.

Students need to stay engaged with everything you say. Keep the spark throughout the presentation by personalizing your script, smiling and maintaining a positive energy.

You can communicate the benefits of choosing your institution and convince them to pick you

As an admissions officer, you can take advantage of the student recruitment webinars to communicate the benefits of choosing your institution over others. In webinars, there are always students who ask about the difference between your educational program and that of another particular university. Take advantage of this moment when they see you on the screen to convince them that you are the best option for them. Put some winning and unique facts together, and nail it!

Our experts recommend that you mention the campus facilities which can be impressive for an international student, and how studying on your campus will open doors to a successful future, not only from an educational and professional perspective but also considering the personal values and soft skills that have an important role in today’s professional environment.

You can recruit students for the next intake 

By taking the necessary steps to organize a webinar, you can successfully recruit new students for your next admissions period.

Don’t forget to:
  • Have a professional webinar platform
  • Prepare extensively for the technology to be used
  • Choose the right speakers
  • Plan a good marketing strategy that allows you to reach the students that interest you.
  • Finally, but most importantly, do not consider it done before personally following-up with the attendees and those who watched the recording after the webinar.
Your success will also depend on the size of your audience and how much interest in your institution you manage to create during the webinar. If you do it right, you can secure between 1 and 30 admissions to your programs.

Looking to recruit students online?​

If you are interested in recruiting students virtually during these difficult times, we can help. At ISN we bring together universities and international students through interactive and accessible online sessions. Our experience in student recruitment and extensive student database allow us to offer our clients the opportunity to promote their institutions with tailored recruitment events

Want to hear more? Feel free to get in contact with us here or click here to learn more about our student recruitment webinars.


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Will ISN provide the student data so that I can remain in contact with prospective students?

Absolutely. For both multi-webinar and solo-webinar, there is a 24-hour turnaround time for you to receive the complete and comprehensive student registration information and the list of students who attended the webinar. The information includes the students’ full name, email, home address, contact number, gender, age, intended level of study (undergrad/ post grad/ ESL), program they are interested in, and when they plan to enroll (Fall 2020/ Spring 2021).

How many institutions will be at the webinar?

For multi-webinar, there will be 5 presenters from 5 different institutions. Each presenter will have a 5 minute presentation (25 minutes in total for all presenters).The remaining time will be used for Q&A session.

For solo-webinaryour institution is the ONLY one presenting to prospective students. The first 30 minutes will be spent for your presentation and the remaining 30 minute is for Q&A session. You may choose the topic/s to be presented.

How many presenters will be at the webinar?

Multi-webinar will have 5 presenters from 5 different institutions. Each institution can have 1 presenter.

Solo-webinar can have a minimum of 1 presenter and a maximum of 4 presenters.

ISN recommends that all presenters have wired internet connection to ensure a stable connection. Please refer to Zoom’s system and bandwidth requirements HERE for more details.

What support does ISN provide during and after the webinar?

For both multi-webinar and solo-webinar, ISN will provide a dedicated host and technical support throughout the webinar. The host will introduce the presenters, create polls during the webinar, and read the questions asked by students out loud for the presenters.

How does ISN market these webinars?

For both multi-webinar and solo-webinar, ISN markets webinars through different digital marketing channels such as email marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, SEO, etc.

For multi-webinar, we target students who are interested in the specific webinar topic and we market the 5 institutions equally. For solo-webinar, we will focus on marketing your institution alone to ensure that all attendees are interested in your institution.

What is the accepted payment method?

ISN accepts payment through credit card. ISN will send a secure payment link and payment should be settled 24 hours upon submitting your registration.

What is the attendance rate?

For both multi-webinar and solo-webinar, the attendance is 10-15% of those registered, based from the past webinars.

Do students need to pay for the webinar?

No. The webinars are 100% free for students and parents who are interested in attending both multi-webinar and solo-webinar.

After the webinar, does ISN help follow up with the students?

ISN will provide the student database 24 hours after the webinar session. Please use your institutions’ CRM to follow up and send a message to these students right away; a thank you email is a good start in following up with these leads.

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